What are Insights?


Sift Ninja bills on a "pay as you grow" model that offers different billing plans that are based on the number of insights used monthly. An Insight is a unique piece of data that describes the health of your community. Each request that is sent to the Sift Ninja API is evaluated for insights based on the number of Sifters that you have enabled. The more Sifters that are enabled, more insights are used to in evaluating text sent to Sift.


Here's a simple way to calculate your total insight usage:

Number of Requests   x   Number of Sifters Enabled  =  Total Insights 


Using the above formula, we can quickly determine how many total insights are used as we increase the number of Sifters. The table below shows how a user sending 1000 requests per month has their total insight count increase as they add more Sifters.

Number of Requests Number of Sifters Total Insights 
1000 1 1000 insights


3 3000 insights
1000 5 5000 insights



Each tier of the pricing plan provides an allotted number of insights per month. Once you have exceeded your insights cap, Sift Ninja will charge overages. You can learn more about how the overages work here.

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