How do I change my Sift Ninja payment plan?


When you make changes to your Sift Ninja plan, you will be charged upgrade price that is pro-rated based on the time remaining in your current plan. 

For example, a user signs up for the Essentials plan at $5.99/month. Halfway through the month, the user upgrades to the Start Up plan at $39.99/month. In this scenario, since the user had only used half of the time of their Essentials plan, the rest would be prorated towards the upgrade, so that the total cost does not exceed $39.99.

In order to make changes to your plan please follow the steps below:


1. Your Sift Ninja plan can be changed at any point in the billing period. To do this, head to the "Team Settings Page" and select the "Change Plans" button underneath the section that indicates your current plan and insight cap. 


2. Once you have reached the "Change Plans" page, you will be presented with a list of other plans that you can choose from. Please select the desired new plan to proceed.


3. Once you have selected a new plan, a prompt will appear that explains the different requests caps and costs between the two plans. Once you are sure that this is the correct plan, please click on the green button to proceed.


4. You will then be prompted to input your credit card information. Please note that Sift Ninja does not store your credit card information, as that is managed by a third-party service. If you had previously entered your payment details and had selected "Remember me", you will skip this step.

Once you have entered your details, please click the blue "Subscribe" button to finish changing your plan.


5. Once you have entered your payment details, Sift Ninja will update your plan to reflect the changes that you have made.



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