What are some recommended settings for my community?


When it comes to your unique community you have the ability to set the filter in any way you see fit.  The recommended settings outlined in this article are based on an analysis of the demographics and filtering decisions of other Sift users. 

The demographics are broken down into three categories:

Ages 13 to 17: This would normally apply to communities that have a significant portion of users who are children over the age of 13. Although these communities do not require COPPA-compliancy, they should provide stricter filter settings.

Unknown: It is not always clear what demographics are the most significant, especially in new or developing communities. In this case, we recommend filter settings that are somewhat lenient on most topics.

Ages 17+: This would apply to a community that has a significant portion of users who are over the age of 17. 

Topic  Ages 13 - 17 Unknown Ages 17+ 


Mild Bad Severe
Fighting Bad Bad Bad
Sexting Mild Mild Bad
PII Mild Mild Bad
Bullying Mild Mild Mild
Racism Mild Mild Bad

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