How do I upload my chat logs to Sift Ninja?


The Sift Ninja Uploader is a tool that gives you free access to the Sift Ninja filter engine to generate a report card on your community's health. The Uploader generates the report based on chat in your community that you can submit as a .txt file.


1. On the upload page, you will be prompted to upload chat logs from your community and provide an email address to be contacted at. Once you have filled in the required fields, click "Go Ninja" to start the report.

Note: Chat logs must be in a .txt format.



2. Once you've uploaded your chat logs for the report, the next page will show the status of the report. Depending on the number of chatlines in the report, this can take a few hours.

You do not need to wait on this page for the report to finish. Once the report has started running, you can close this window or navigate to another page. The report will continue to run and will send you an email when it's finished. 


3. Once the report is finished, the email will bring you back to the completed report card page. This will display a breakdown of your data and highlight concentrations of toxicity in your community.


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