How do I install Sift Ninja on my PubNub chat application?


Sift Ninja makes it easy for you to install on any PubNub chat application, to do so just follow the steps below. 

Note: This guide presumes that you are familiar with building applications on PubNub. You can learn more about PubNub development from the Github link here.


1. Head to the "Add Channels" page and select the PubNub channel. PubNub_Walkthrough1.png

2. Then click "Install Platform" for your PubNub channel, you'll be prompted to choose a channel name and some instructions for installing the channel. Click on the green "Install Now" button to proceed to the next step of the installation. Please note that your channel will not be created until you click "Install Now".PubNub_Walkthrough2.png

3. This brings you to the verification page of the installation. This will provide instructions for you to navigate to the Sift Ninja PubNub Block page to configure your PubNub app to use the Sift Ninja Block. The values that you will need to call Sift Ninja (accountName, channelName, and apiKey) will be visible in this page. 

Once you have completed this, please click the green "Yes - Next Step" button to proceed to the next page.PubNub_Walkthrough3.png

4. Once you've configured your PubNub app, you are ready for testing! As the instructions request, please submit the sample JSON object provided through the Test Payload section in your PubNub app. You should see the sample payload with the addition of a sift_ninja classification object. 


5. Once you've completed this step, please click "Yes - Last Step" to proceed to the final step.PubNub_Walkthrough5.png

6. If you have configured everything properly, then you should see a successful response. Now you can click the green "View Dashboard" button to proceed.PubNub_Walkthrough6.png

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