How can I adjust the filter for my platform?


Within Sift Ninja you have the ability to adjust the strictness of the filter to meet the needs of your unique community. In order to adjust the filter follow the steps below.


1. Head to the tuning section of the dashboard and click on the Topic sifter that you would like to adjust. The Topic can be selected by clicking on the gear icon. Within Sift Ninja the filter is adjusted on a Topic by Topic basis.

Once you've selected the Sifter that you would like to adjust, you will come to the "Sifter Details page". Under the "settings" tab, you can see the different levels of severity that you can set the Sifter to. 

2. If you set the Sifter to "off", then the Sifter will not be blocking any content.

3. When the Sifter is set to "severe", then the Sifter is only blocking the most extreme and absolute worst aspects of the topic.

4. At the "bad" level, then the Sifter will filter content that is inappropriate or offensive for most users.

5. The "mild" level, the Sifter will filter content that could be inappropriate to some users, depending on their age and demographic.

6. When you have changed the settings of the Sifter's filter, the dashboard will go into "Preview Mode" to show you how the changes will impact your users. This is indicated by the menu on the left side of the dashboard, which gives you the option to "Update Settings" or "Cancel".

At this point, the changes that you have made to the filter's settings will not be live. When you look at the Data Samples, you will be able to see how the changes made to Sifter impacts samples in the dashboard. Depending on the changes you have made, you will be able to see what samples are now passing or being caught by the filter. While looking at the samples, you can continue to make changes to the filter settings to see how what impact it will have. 

7. Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made to the Sifter's filter settings, you can make the changes live by clicking "Update Settings" in the Preview Mode side navigation menu. This will instantly update your settings and will impact players immediately. 

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